Vaginal Cosmetic Surgery


Vaginal Cosmetic Surgery covers various surgical procedures for female genitalia. It is also referred to as female genital cosmetic surgery. The prominent procedures pertaining to this cosmetic surgery include :


The Labiaplasty surgical procedure is used for reducing the labia minora’s length- the inner lip portion of the vulva.


Vaginoplasty is used for tightening slack or loose vaginal portion occurred due to aging or childbirth.

Clitoral Hood reduction

The Clitoral Hood reduction surgical procedure is used for minimizing the excess folds of clitoral hoodskin surrounding the glans clitoris.

Vaginal Care after Delivery

No matter how you give birth taking vaginal care during the postpartum period is essential. Ideally, after pregnancy a woman may come across:

  • Vaginal bleeding, soreness, and discharge.
  • Urinary problems including pain and frequent urination.
  • Soreness in Perineum.
  • Discharge of small blood clots.
  • Uterus contractions during few days after the childbirth.

Therefore, it is recommended for the mothers to schedule regular checkups six weeks after the delivery. Moreover, provide enough time for the vagina to heal by refraining from intercourse for at least four to six weeks after the childbirth.