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    Every stage of pregnancy will lend you a distinguished experience. We will always be ready to guide you at every progressive level of your motherhood.

    Getting Pregnant

    There will be joy, anxiety, apprehension, and tension all at once. With her expert guidance, Dr. Archana Dubey will help you monitor and keep track of your all pre-pregnancy stages. With her preconception counseling and antenatal care, she will help you achieve optimum health for you and your newborn.

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    Antenatal Care & Scans

    The first scan also referred to as dating scan is performed to estimate the duration of pregnancy. It will also be used for monitoring the health and wellness of your baby. Holding the legacy in the field Dr. Archana Dubey provides effective solutions for addressing issues related to all medical  complications if any.

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    Pregnancy Do's & Don'ts

    Pregnancy one of the most beautiful stages in the life of a woman. And we certainly understand this!! With her proficiency and expertise in dealing with all kind of pregnancy complications, Dr. Archana Dubey will guide and sail you across all kind of problems during your pregnancy.

    Here is the to-do list for your crucial days of baby birth

    • Symptoms
    • Identifying High Risk Pregnancy
    • Investigations & Scans
    • Treatments
    • Vaccination
    • Exercise & Diet

    Baby Birth

    Here comes the moment you have been waiting for!! Giving birth to a child is a challenging process and may even result in various complications. It basically constitutes three stages of labor; the shortening and cervix opening, descent and childbirth and placenta delivery, we have facility for painless labour too.

    • Avoid lifting heavy objects.
    • Pack your diet with more fruits and vegetables.
    • Alter your beauty routine and incorporate procedures that are safe.
    • Book your appointment with the doctor in-prior.
    • Have a free talk with other mums-to-be.

    Making Right Choice

    Take the right decisions with for your li’ll one with professional guidance.

    Taking Care of your Child

    Let your newborn groom and develop under expert guidance with all assured.

    Baby Care

    Baby care involves monitoring the health of a baby from the prenatal stage to post pregnancy. Comprehensive baby care involves providing every essential care to the newborn. By getting associated with Dr. Archana Dubey get the rest assured. Under her expert guidance, you will see your newborn bloom like a flower.

    Feeding Baby

    Know the best for your baby…Rely on us we will let you know what is best for your newborn. Dr. Archana Dubey’s postpartum tips will help in fostering a healthy growth for you and your baby. She will guide you seamlessly about every preventive care.

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    Achievements down the line

    • Gold medal for best postgraduate.
    • Presented papers in National and State conference.

    Professional Experience

    • M.S. from MGM medical college, Indore
    • Clinical experience of 20 Years

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    Trimester Chart

    Finally, you are pregnant!! Heading the way there are a number of things that you require to know. To ascertain information of the various tests and scans required, and what are the best lifestyle transmutes for a salubrious pregnancy and baby, we additionally have information on how your baby will develop and grow over the next nine months.

    • 4

      Be Acquainted

      Inside your body, ample of developments are taking place. The minute ball of cells dividing in your womb is now an embryo and is about the size of a poppy seed.

    • 9

      Prenatal Development

      Now, your baby weighs 2gms. All his body components are now present, including his arms, legs, ocular perceivers, genitals and other organs, though they’re not yet plenarily composed.

    • 13

      Baby Kineticism

      Your baby's head is now a third of his length, and his encephalon is becoming more involute. Diminutive dactylograms are composing on his fingers, and he may even start to suction his thumb this week.

    1st Trimester

    0.4kg - 2.0kg
    • 18

      Pregnancy Tonicity

      This week, your baby's auditory perceivers reach their final position on the sides of her head. Her diminutive eyebrows are taking shape, and the muscles around her ocular perceivers commence to twitch.

    • 22

      Pregnancy Assuagement

      Your baby now looks homogeneous to a miniature newborn. However, she still has an abundance of growing to do before she's ready to be born.

    • 27

      Final Pregnancy Stretch

      The cessation of this week marks the commencement of your third trimester. Your baby can now open and close his ocular perceivers, and he slumbers and wakes at conventional intervals. He may even start dreaming around now.

    2nd Trimester

    2.0kg - 8.0kg
    • 31

      Healthy Snoozing

      Your baby is gaining weight all the time, plumping up and looking more akin to a newborn every day. All this growing designates he has less room to maneuver, so his forms of kineticism may start to feel a little different in the coming weeks.

    • 36

      Soothing Music

      Your pregnancy will formally reach the final stage by the end of this week, which implies you can meet your child any day now. Therefore, try getting into a relaxed position now.

    • 40

      Lower Apprehensiveness

      While there's a tight squeeze, your child is still increasing busily. Her hair and fingernails are still growing to get longer. Predicting how large your child will be at birth could be an intricate task.

    *units in weeks

    3rd Trimester

    8.0kg - 13.6kg

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